About MEGA Centre
The purpose of the Metro Link Express for Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad (MEGA) Centre is to contribute towards development of a sustainable urban transport system. Towards this, the Centre aims to create, understand, disseminate and apply contextual interdisciplinary knowledge in the related fields of Rehabilitation and Resettlement (R&R) activities.
Major objectives of the Centre are to provide research assistance and advisory services and do process documentation research.
1.Research assistance/advisory
The Centre at GIDR will provide research based assistance and advisory services in terms of carrying out activities like identification of project affected families (PAFs), smooth implementation of resettlement action plan (RAP) and third party audit of resettled families.
2.Process documentation research
Process documentation research (PDR) has been put to use by GIDR in the implementation of participatory irrigation management (PIM) by the Government of Gujarat. PDR is useful in (a) monitoring the impact of project, on other linked projects, (b) creating a data bank for the institution, (c) identifying gaps between planning and practice, and (d) may also help in mid-course corrections. With the help of PDR, the findings from a particular project will be put in to a wider context of development approach and relate to the different phases of micro level processes which can be social, economic or planning related.