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 Assistant Professor  itishreep@gidr.ac.in
Itishree Pattnaik |   Ph.D. (Economics)
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Itishree Pattnaik has a Ph.D. degree in economics from the University of Hyderabad.  The topic of her doctoral thesis was “Comparative Performance of Agricultural Sector in Andhra Pradesh and Orissa”. The study discusses the differential growth performance of the two states, more precisely, the study aimed to examine factors influencing different phases of growth performance in the two states.  Prior to joining GIDR, she worked as a Visiting Fellow at the Research Unit for Livelihoods and Natural Resources (RULNR), Centre for Economic and Social Studies (CESS), Hyderabad, handling a project on ‘Distress Situation in Dryland Agriculture – Impact on Livelihood and Coping Strategies: A Study of  Bolangir  District  of Orissa’.  Her major areas of interest include agriculture and sustainable development, inter-state disparities in growth performance, food security and dryland agriculture.

She had been a Visiting Post-Doctoral Research Scholar at the Food Security Centre (FSC), University of Hohenheim, Germany and was engaged in a project on ‘Increasing Food Price Inflation, Food Insecurity and Copping Mechanisms among the Poor Households in India’.

Dr. Pattnaik has sound academic record and she has presented papers in a number of academic seminars.

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  • Title: ‘Structural Break and Phases in Agricultural Sector: An Analysis of Bihar and Odisha’, Journal of Regional Development and Planning, 3 (2), 2015, pp. 35-54.
    Author: Itishree Pattnaik
    Published Year: 2015
  • Title:  ‘Impact of Gujarat’s Krishi Mahotsava (Agrarian Festival) Campaigns: Results of a Perception Survey of 1445 Farmers from 25 Districts’, Indian Journal of Agricultural Economics, 68 (4), 2013, pp. 583-593.
    Authors: Tushaar Shah, Itishree Pattnaik, Sonal Bhatt, G. Kopa and Amita Shah
    Published Year: 2013
  • Title: ‘Current Scenario of Food Security in the Light of Increasing Food Inflation: A Case Study of Two Villages in India’, FSC Brief Series No.4, Food Security Centre, University of Hohenheim, Stuttgart, 2011, pp. 1-5.
    Author: Itishree Pattnaik
    Published Year: 2012
  • Title: ‘Is There a Glimpse of Dynamism in Orissa’s Agriculture?’, Economic and Political Weekly, 45 (26 & 27), 2010, pp. 756-759.
    Authors: Itishree Pattnaik and Amita Shah
    Published Year: 2010
  • Title: ‘Accounting for Breaks in Agriculture: A Study of Andhra Pradesh and Orissa”, Artha Vijnana, 51 (4), 2009, pp. 360-376.
    Authors: R. Vijay and Itishree Pattnaik
    Published Year: 2009
  • Title: 'Land Ownership Right and Women’s Empowerment in Gujarat: A Critical Assessment',
    Author: Itishree Pattnaik
    Working Paper No.: 241
    Published Year and Month: February 2017
  • Title: Tracking Women in Agriculture through Recent Census Data in India
    Authors: Itishree Pattnaik and Kuntala Lahiri-Dutt
    Working Paper No.: 242
    Published Year and Month: March 2017
  • Title: Agricultural Growth and Decomposition of crop Output in Gujarat:Recent Trends
    Authors: Itishree Pattnaik and Amita Shah
    Working Paper No.: 222
    Published Year and Month: September 2014
  • Title: Agricultural Extension Service through KrishiMahotsav in Gujarat: A Preliminary Assessment
    Authors: Itishree Pattnaik, Tushaar Shah, Gurulingappa G. Koppa, Amita Shah  
    Publication Type / Year: Occasional Paper Series - No. - 2/2012

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