Discussion Series Details
Title: "of binaries, boundaries and benevolence: Critical interdisciplinarity in natural resources management research"
Date : Oct 09, 2018
Speaker : Prof. Peter P Mollinga, Professor of Development Studies at the School of Oriental and African Studies University of London (SOAS University of London)
Title: "Impact of Demography on India's Democracy"
Date : May 11, 2018
Speaker : Leela Visaria, Honorary Proffesor, GIDR
Title: "Potential of Phenomenology in Management and Development Studies"
Date : Jan 23, 2018
Speaker : Dr. Rajul Joshi, Academician and Research Assistant with University of Technology Sydney and Western Sydney University, Australia
Title: "DOWNSTREAM OF THE DAM : Discussion Seminar on the Uses and Meanings of Narmada Water in Gujarat’s Development"
Date : Sep 06, 2017
Speaker : R. Parthasarathy, GIDR, Peter Mollinga, SOAS and Pranjal Deekshit, TISS
Title: Housing Choices as School Choices: Subsidized Renters’ Agency in an Uncertain Policy Context.
Date : Feb 03, 2017
Speaker : Ms. Divya Ravindranath, PhD student at the Washington University St Louis.
Title: Changing Demographics of Social Reproduction: Young Women's Life Plans
Date : Jan 21, 2017
Speaker : Dr. Alice W. Clark, an eminent historian and scholar of gender and society in India
Title: Labour Reforms in the Context of Changing World of Work
Date : Jul 05, 2016
Speaker : Dr. Kingshuk Sarkar, Fellow, V.V. Giri National Labour Institute, NOIDA
Title: Decent Work: Measurement and Status in India
Date : Apr 30, 2016
Speaker : Dr. Nausheen Nizami, Assistant Professor, Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University, Gandhinagar, Gujarat.
Title: Extractive Peasants: Rural Transformation and Informal Mining
Date : Dec 10, 2015
Speaker : Dr. Kuntala Lahiri-Dutt, Senior Fellow, Resource, Environment & Development Program, Crawford School of Public Policy, ANU College of Asia and the Pacific, The Australian National University.
Title: Sex Determination and Sex-Selective Abortion: Perspectives from the Field
Date : Aug 21, 2015
Speaker : Utpal Sandesara, MD-PhD Scholar, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA
Title: Conceptualizing Performance in NGOs and Funders
Date : Jul 17, 2015
Speaker : Alnoor Ebrahim, Associate Professor, Harvard Business School, Massachusetts, USA
Title: Food Security, Agrarian Crisis and Biotechnology: A question of politics?
Date : May 16, 2015
Speaker : Mr Devinder Sharma, a noted Indian journalist and outspoken critic of industrial agriculture, genetic engineering, globalisation and free trade.
Title: Climate change and its Impacts
Date : Feb 26, 2015
Speaker : R.S. Deshpande, National Fellow, Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR) and former Director, Institute for Social and Economic Change (ISEC), Bangalore.
Title: Integrating street vendors to the city: the case of the Bhadra plaza
Date : Jan 06, 2015
Speaker : Ms Lila Oriard, Research Assistant, The Bartlett Development Planning Unit, University College, London
Title: Role of Mangrove Forest in Disaster Management
Date : Jan 06, 2015
Speaker : Dr.Saudamini Das, Associate Professor, Institute of Economic Growth, New Delhi
Title: Theorizing and Conceptualizing 'Dispossession' in the Neo-Liberal Era
Date : Aug 20, 2014
Speaker : Mr. Sujit Kumar, UGC-Senior Research Fellow, Institute for Social and Economic Change (ISEC), Bangalore
Title: Firm Growth, Patterns of Industrialization and Innovation in Industry
Date : Aug 02, 2014
Speaker : Dr. EmanuelePugliese, Research Assistant at IstitutodeiSistemiComplessi, CNR, Rome, Italy
Title: Drivers of Firm Growth: Evidence from Indian Manufacturing
Date : Jul 18, 2014
Speaker : MsNanditha Mathew, Research Fellow, Laboratory of Economics and Management (LEM), Sant'' Anna School of Advanced Studies, Pisa, Italy
Title: Social Externalities of BRTS: Labour and Transition
Date : Jul 18, 2014
Speaker : Ms. Olivia BryanneZank, Researcher, Quality Public Transport, Public World, London
Title: Enhancing Nutrition Security via India's National Food Security Act: Using an Axe Instead of a Scalpel?
Date : Jul 11, 2014
Speaker : Dr. Sonalde Desai, Professor of Sociology, University of Maryland, Australia
Title: British-born Second Generation Return Migrants to India
Date : Jun 16, 2014
Speaker : Dr. PriyaKhambhaita, Faculty Research Fellow, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Southampton, UK
Title: Labour Statistics in India
Date : Feb 12, 2014
Speaker : Prof. T. S. Papola, Honorary Professor, Institute for Studies in Industrial Development, New Delhi
Title: Regional Development in Globalised India: Darjeeling and Anand Compared
Date : Jun 15, 2013
Speaker : Prof. Tim Scrase, Australian Catholic University, East Melbourne, Australia, Prof. Mario Rutten, University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam, The Netherlands and Dr. Trent Brown, Australian Catholic University, East Melbourne, Australia
Title: Decline of Poor Women's Grassroots Activism under the 'Neoliberal' Regime in Urban Gujarat
Date : Feb 28, 2013
Speaker : Yutaka Sato, Assistant Professor of Sociology, Graduate School of Social Sciences, Hitotsubashi University, Tokyo
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Title: Reversing the Research Gaze: Science as Culture, Scientists as Gendered Beings
Date : Nov 26, 2012
Speaker : Margreet Zwarteveen, Assistant Professor/Senior Researcher, Irrigation and Water Management/ Gender Studies, Wageningen University
Title: Farmer Producer Organisations: Some Reflections on their Status and Relevance
Date : Jun 25, 2012
Speaker : Tara Nair, Associate Professor, GIDR and Bhavani Shankar, Assistant Professor, IIHMR, Jaipur
Title: Current Migration Patterns of Muslims from Charotar
Date : Jun 13, 2012
Speaker : Sanderian Verstappen, Doctoral Scholar, Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research, University of Amsterdam
Title: Comparative Testing of Consumer Products
Date : May 30, 2012
Speaker : C.J. Shishoo, Hon. Director, B.V. Patel PERD Centre, Ahmedabad
Title: Contemporary Developmental Challenges in India and Gujarat
Date : Mar 22, 2012
Speaker : Sanjay Prasad, Principal Secretary, Department of Social Justice and Empowerment, Government of Gujarat
Title: The Roles of Government and Entrepreneurs during the Development of Rural Clusters in China
Date : Dec 28, 2011
Speaker : Feng Wang, Doctoral Scholar, Centre for Agriculture and Rural Development, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China
Title: Facilitating Inclusive Development of Clusters in Rural Area
Date : Dec 28, 2011
Speaker : Yanbin Jiang, Doctoral Scholar, National Institute of Innovation Management, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China
Title: On Becoming a Business Historian
Date : Dec 13, 2011
Speaker : Dwijendra Tripathi, Former Professor, IIM, Ahmedabad
Title: The Invisible Labourers: Transnational and Local Activism among Home-based Women Workers in Manila, Leeds and Ahmedabad ?
Date : Oct 16, 2010
Speaker : Marie Larsson of the Department of Social Anthropology, Stockholm University.
Title: Adoption of Internet by the US Television Industry: Case of Innovation Diffusion in an Interorganizational Field
Date : Aug 12, 2010
Speaker : Harsh Taneja, PhD Student, Media, Technology and Society Programme, Northwestern University, Evanston, USA.
Title: Farmers Suicides and the Response of Development Organizations
Date : Jul 26, 2010
Speaker : Bernadette Marie White, PhD Student, Syracuse University, USA.
Title: Institutionalising Panchayat Raj: Lessons from Kerala
Date : Mar 26, 2010
Speaker : Professor K.P. Kannan, Centre for Development Studies, Trivandrum
Title: How Indian Research Institutions and Researchers Can Become Involved in European Research?
Date : Mar 18, 2010
Speaker : Albert Schram, Research Funding Advisor, School of Business and Economics, Maastricht University, the Netherlands
Title: Review of Monetary Policy 2009-10.
Date : Sep 25, 2009
Speaker : A. K. Shukla, Research Officer, Reserve Bank of India, Ahmedabad
Title: The Changing Groundwater Institution in India: A Sustainable Adaptation to New Challenges?
Date : Sep 11, 2009
Speaker : Rens de Man, Ph.D. Scholar, Wageningen University, Netherlands
Title: Biodiversity Conservation and Livelihood Related Concerns: Case Study of Little Rann of Kachchh Landscape
Date : Aug 13, 2009
Speaker : Dr. Arun Dixit, Centre for Environment and Social Concerns, Ahmedabad
Title: The Indian General Election of 2009: Continuity or Change?
Date : May 16, 2009
Speaker : Prof. John Wood and Prof. Keshab Das
Title: Cash Transfers for the Poor
Date : Feb 20, 2009
Speaker : Prof. Jeemol Unni
Title: Impact of Recent Economic Crisis on Sectors and Workers:Some Preliminary Assessment
Date : Jan 07, 2009
Speaker : Prof. Indira Hirway and Mr.Sunil Parekh
Title: Indulal Yagnik
Date : Nov 19, 2008
Speaker : Prof. John Wood
Title: US Financial Crisis and Its Impact on India
Date : Nov 06, 2008
Speaker : Dr. Jharna Pathak